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Welcome to the Roger Moore Fansite, the ultimate destination for fans of the iconic Sir Roger Moore.

Established with a mission to celebrate and cherish the life and works of this incredible actor, our site is a comprehensive hub of information, curated content, and fan interactions.

Who We Are

We are a community of enthusiastic Roger Moore fans who share a deep admiration for the man behind some of cinema’s most memorable roles.

Our team is composed of devoted followers of Moore’s work, passionate about sharing our love for his life, career, and charitable endeavors.

What We Do

The Roger Moore Fansite offers an extensive library of content encompassing every aspect of Sir Roger Moore’s illustrious career and personal life.

From his early beginnings to his iconic role as James Bond and his valuable contributions to charity, we cover it all.

In-Depth Articles and Blogs

Our site features a wide range of well-researched articles and blog posts about Sir Roger Moore. We delve into his roles, performances, behind-the-scenes stories, and more.

Comprehensive Filmography and Book Reviews

We provide a comprehensive filmography of Moore’s work, with insightful commentary and reviews.

Also, you’ll find detailed reviews of his published works, including his captivating autobiography, “My Word is My Bond”.

Fan Interaction and Forums

The Fansite also hosts a dynamic forum for fans to share their views, thoughts, and memories about Moore.

It’s a vibrant community space where fans can connect, discuss, and delve deeper into their shared passion.

Exclusive Interviews and Footage

We also strive to bring exclusive content such as interviews, rare footage, and unseen photos, giving fans a unique glimpse into the life of this extraordinary actor.

Why We Do It

Our dedication to this Fansite is driven by our admiration for Sir Roger Moore, both as an outstanding actor and a commendable human being.

We aim to keep his legacy alive, sharing the impact he made on film and philanthropy, inspiring generations to come.

Join us in our journey through the life and legacy of Sir Roger Moore – actor, philanthropist, and true cinematic icon.

Your exploration into the remarkable journey of this legendary figure starts here.